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Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

  • Friday Fun Find! Pawz 'N' Clawz Unique Handmade Jewelry

    from Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

    Thursday October 23rd, 2014 at 09:00 PM

    Square_140_headerhalloweenfinishedThere are many things I love about blogging, and right there at the forefront are the amazing and talented people I have had the pleasure of meeting along the way. I have been blessed to meet a number of them in person, but most I only know from my online interactions, Jenna from Love Is being Owned By A Husky is one I haven't had the pleasure of meeting in person (YET), but one day I hope that I will. She is truly one of my favorite people, and her blog is darling. Click here to visit!!Yes,...
  • The Uninvited Guest: Successfully Introducing a New Cat into the Household – or Not

    from Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

    Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 at 09:00 PM

    Square_140_lunasun2_236795FROM CAT CHAT WITH CAREN AND CODY:This is a guest post by Nancy Peterson, Cat Programs Manager for The Humane Society of the United States. We thank Nancy as always for her super contributions to our blog! "Luna" Photo Courtesy of Nancy Peterson My sister and I adopted 1-year-old sisters Zubi and Luna in September 2002 and our home in Maryland was all theirs for seven and a half years. They were cuddle cats mostly with each other and although I loved them, I yearned for a cat to cuddle...
  • A BIG Birthday Thank you and the Winner of Catnapped: A Klepto Cat Mystery by Patricia Fry

    from Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

    Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 at 03:00 PM

    Square_140_birthday_to_me_cheri_from_cats_of_wildcat_woodsI was completely blown away by the outpouring of birthday greetings from so many on my birthday this past Monday. I want to thank EVERYONE for helping to make it such a great day (even if the weather in Michigan was less than cooperative!) You ALL made the sun shine for sure! I wanted to share the greetings I received, I am hoping I got them all. If I missed someone, I am soooooo sorry!!! Here we go! From Cats of Wildcat Woods From Cathy Keisha of Stunning Keisha From Zee and Zoey From...
  • Is Your Cat A Connoisseur Of Plastic? pet #protips

    from Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

    Tuesday October 21st, 2014 at 09:00 PM

    Square_140_cody_and_i_bloggingDisclosure:This post is sponsored byRachael Ray Nutrish. As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors. I stood in the bathroom, opening a package of "Post-It" notes, carefully looking over my shoulder to make sure "He" was nowhere in sight, opening it as quietly as I could...my eyes scanning the area, "all is safe" I thought to myself as I carefully placed the plastic "Post-It" wrapping in the bathroom garbage basket as quietly as I could. Normally when I leave the...
  • Happy Birthday To My Mom!

    from Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

    Sunday October 19th, 2014 at 09:00 PM

    Square_140_caren_birthday_blowing_out_candles_lennys_cakeToday is the day that my Mom moves one year closer to REALLY being "Older Than Dirt!!" Mom is so thankful for all of the wonderful greetings she started to receive a day early, she loves each and every one of them!!! My Uncle even sent her a special birthday greeting from Mom's fave group of all time, The Beatles!
  • Children's Books:Odie the Stray Kitten and Odie's Best Friend By Kristen Mott

    from Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

    Friday October 17th, 2014 at 11:28 AM

    Square_140_odie_the_stray_kitten"For Odie, because sometimes the smallest ones become the biggest inspirations" Odie the Stray Kitten is a charming book about a little orange and white kitten who lost his family on a cold winter night. He never expected to find a loving forever home in a horse barn. Not only did he find a loving, forever home, he also found hope, new friends and a name. His name happens to mean "inspiration", which is no coincidence. Odie the Stray Kitten is not only an adorable read for little ones, but it...
  • #FeralCatDay Michigan Event!

    from Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

    Wednesday October 15th, 2014 at 09:32 PM

    Square_140_feral_cat_day Alley Cat Allies launched National Feral Cat Day on our 10th anniversary in 2001 to raise awareness about feral cats, promote Trap-Neuter-Return, and recognize the millions of compassionate Americans who care for cats. Learn more athttp://www.NationalFeralCatDay.org/ National Feral Cat Day/Cat In The Trap TNR Celebrating National Feral Cat Day atPremier Pet Supplyin Berkley, Michigan from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm , Thursday October 16!

    There will be food, educational material, a raffle,...
  • Meowbox Winner!

    from Cat Chat With Caren & Cody

    Tuesday October 14th, 2014 at 09:00 PM

    Thanks to every kitty who entered our Meowbox Give-Away! We sure wish all of you could win, but stay tuned...we have other great give-aways coming up! And now...on to the lucky winner! HUGE CONCATULATIONS TO: a Rafflecopter giveaway Mom will be in touch with you soon! Thanks for reading our blog! Love, Cody
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