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  • Animal Issues – Civil or Criminal, and why does it matter?

    from DFW Animal Rescue

    Wednesday April 16th, 2014 at 04:16 PM


    On Monday, the Quality of Life Committee of the Dallas City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting. What you probably heard from the mainstream media about that meeting was that there is talk about the City cracking down on unlicensed pets. But thats not all there was some other news that came out of that meeting, too Dallas now has the opportunity to address come animal related violations as civil matters rather than criminal.

    Last year, the Texas Legislature passed a law (House...

  • Soapbox Moment: Thinking about shipping pets as cargo? Read this first.

    from DFW Animal Rescue

    Tuesday February 18th, 2014 at 06:47 AM


    On Sunday, I caught an afternoon flight back from Kansas City to DFW. I had just settled into my seat when I looked out my window to see this: Two crates containing live animals puppies no less abandoned in a cargo trailer on the tarmac. The temperature was in the upper 30s it was cold and drizzly. I watched and waited, and eventually someone came along and loaded the puppies into the cargo hold of the aircraft. The minute they were loaded, the puppies began screaming in terror. You know...

  • Eight month old puppy facing uncertain future after mom’s unexpected death

    from DFW Animal Rescue

    Monday February 10th, 2014 at 06:53 AM


    Guest post by Cindy Embry

    Beth's "mom" passed away unexpectedly leaving her future uncertain

    Beths human mother died when she was about 5 months old, and Beth was found sitting next to her body, confused and uncertain as to what to do. A friend of her moms has been taking care of her, but she has to have surgery and can not have a puppy around while she recuperates.

    Beth is 8 months old and potty trained, fixed and up-to-date on shots. She is one of the sweetest and best behaved puppies I have...

  • Richardson Rescue Dog to compete at Westminster on Saturday

    from DFW Animal Rescue

    Friday February 7th, 2014 at 06:48 AM


    Jimmy (left) and Judy (right) with owner Adrienne McLean. Photo by Martha Denton/Richardson Humane Society

    Jimmy is an all American Mutt the kind of loyal, devoted dog we all grew up with. He was adopted from the Richardson Humane Society in 2008, and now hes about to make history. For the first time ever, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York will include agility, and will allow dogs that are not purebreds to compete. And Jimmy will be there, along with his owner Adrienne...

  • Pets Best Insurance Company Top 10 Dog Breeds of 2013

    from DFW Animal Rescue

    Thursday February 6th, 2014 at 02:59 PM


    Li'l Wayne, available for adoption at Dallas Animal Services. Photo by Bryant Dog Photography

    Pets Best Insurance Company is out with their Top 10 list of the best dog breeds of 2013. Unlike, the AKC list, which only recognizes purebreds, the Pets Best list includes Mixed Breeds and Pit Bulls.

    According to Pets Best, the top 10 most popular dog and cat breeds have remained fairly consistent over the past few years, but there are a few unexpected findings in this years list. First, the No. 1...

  • Van Zandt County Humane rebranding to combat area’s less than humane reputation

    from DFW Animal Rescue

    Monday February 3rd, 2014 at 07:04 AM


    Guest post by Kate Larkin

    While attending a humane legislative seminar in Austin, Carol Whatley proudly introduced herself to the attendees as a member of Van Zandt County Humane Society. I heard a gasp, said Carol. Then someone loudly whispered, Shes from that place in East Texas with the puppy mill flea market. Van Zandt County Humane Societys (VZCHS) focus is on animal welfare and adoption, but the members of this all volunteer, nonprofit organization have discovered a new, unintended...

  • Mazie’s Mission opens veterinary clinic for homeless pets

    from DFW Animal Rescue

    Wednesday January 22nd, 2014 at 03:48 PM


    Dozens of animal welfare advocates and supporters attended the Grand Opening for the new Mazies Mission veterinary clinic this past weekend. The new non-profit animal hospital, located at Main Street and FM 423 in Frisco, is not open to the public, instead serves the North Texas animal rescue and sheltering community by offering discounted pricing to the homeless pets in their care.

    Non-profit, 501c3 animal welfare organizations and local animal shelters wishing to partner with the Mazies...

  • Mazie’s Mission opens first North Texas veterinary clinic for homeless pets

    from DFW Animal Rescue

    Tuesday January 14th, 2014 at 12:24 PM

    Last week, Mazies Mission opened the first-ever North Texas veterinary clinic dedicated to serving homeless pets in animal shelters and rescue groups. The goal? To provide professional medical care, expert forensic evidence and adoption assistance to shelters, rescue groups, first responders and other non-profit animal welfare groups. In addition to providing veterinary care for homeless pets, Mazies Mission will also offer free foster orientation classes for volunteers of local animal rescue...

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