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  • Heart Of A Dog

    from Doggie dog blog

    Tuesday March 10th, 2015 at 05:38 AM

    Now back to my white GSD, the one with no papers you see, she actually came from 2 dark GSDs not a white one at all you see. The white came from back in the pedigree, as I remember there were even 3 of them, when I sent my sons with 100 dollars you see, to choose one for me. That dog I called Lacy you see, Bob didnt want her at all and told me to call her history is all, but that of course he would have to battle me about, and the sons I ask to choose her for me.

    Now that dog had a heart you...

  • Answering Questions From God

    from Doggie dog blog

    Thursday February 26th, 2015 at 03:33 AM

    Answering Questions From God

    Oooppps forgot to tie this to Christianity, on that last post you see. The Bible has lots of questions from Gods mouth, in the thus saith the Lord to you is all I ment to bring out with all of this.

    Why do we take a question from God so lightly you see, Jesus did lots of the same you see. So when you see a question Jesus ask you, seeking the answer is what we are to do. Those questions are like a test in school you see, do you even have a heart to ponder them?

  • Scent Training We All Do It You Know

    from Doggie dog blog

    Thursday February 26th, 2015 at 03:22 AM

    Scent Training We All Do It You Know

    Thats what they call it anyway, for dogs. In many ways you have to laugh at that, cause who owns a dog that doesnt know they use that? People use them too you know, just like the dog, at least that I think is what my mom was teaching me, as I watched the habits they had you see.

    It is really more like target training you see, when you want that dog to find just certain things and nothing else at all. You just need to find something that they love that stands...

  • Precious Memories

    from Doggie dog blog

    Wednesday February 25th, 2015 at 01:19 AM

    I woke this morning with children on my mind, why? Who knows hahaha just did ya know. Many say that about having a dog, they are like raising children you know, and they are in so many ways, you always have to worry about the dog you see. This is much different than ones that dont have them, they can just do as they please, at least that is what they think you see, others tie up their time you see. We had several good dogs, at different stages in life, we seemed to be blessed with the best...

  • Dancing Dogs And Dogs with Children

    from Doggie dog blog

    Monday February 23rd, 2015 at 05:05 AM

    Dog dancing, has become a routine judged you see, but they have been trained to do this you see. Training is needed for all those that love these things, and to compete you know. These things add a connection to your dog, and an advanced communication ya know. That is the fun about training with master trainers you know. These are things always retained by the individuals and their dogs, other forms you learn for communicating together. When you have a dog that really is yours, and funny...

  • Luther A Pup Out Of Sir Parker And Queenie

    from Doggie dog blog

    Saturday February 21st, 2015 at 04:12 AM

    I forgot to add just how that last post could give insights to master dog trainers ya know. What came to mind was a pup I sold to a pastor you see, he named that pup Luther. We have not chatted in a really long time, but back when he first got him, he often kept me posted, and a flash back of something I searched way back when of something he might have mentioned about priests. I looked it up back then, I think this place was somewhere outside Tucson as I remember, and the picture that stood...

  • Pets On A Tweet

    from Doggie dog blog

    Saturday February 21st, 2015 at 03:54 AM

    I saw today, where Obamma posted a tweet about Pets you see. I had to laugh about that, but really loved it, but thats me. Now all the things that come to mind on this I will go check and see before the button ever gets posted you see, they are like flashes to me.

    I did some searches you see, first one obamma presidents dog of course usually checking wikipedia, seeing all the pictures, went wow never seen them before. I added words to my search came up with many more link names just drawn to...

  • Brain Washing

    from Doggie dog blog

    Saturday February 21st, 2015 at 02:34 AM

    What a word to hear this morning brain washing. I thought hummm ok dont even have to check that one Father, that aint a word in the Bible, so will go check net instead you see, that is how God talks with me. And since you Father have had me on dogs I will check it with the word dog added too, yes and you bet thought it funny I am there for what is called lent. Ill check see if anything comes up with that you see. Ok yes, I see it really is there in the word if you think about it, cause God...

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