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Four Legged Pal

  • Beanie & Biggles V2.0

    It seems that after years of trying all manner of training methodologies and occasionally seeking the help of experienced professionals – all to no avail – we’ve finally hit on a way to (temporarily) elicit good behavior from our Beagles. It’s a simple, two-step process: Arrange a week-long...
  • Increase Your Word Power

    I’m happy to report that Beanie has almost completely recovered from her most recent misadventure. She’s got a spring in her step again, so much spring in fact that Susan’s desk is under constant threat from shock-and-awe Beagle raids. About the only physical reminders of her illness are the...
  • Three Nights In The Waldorf Astoria

    When we moved to Ayrshire we stuck with our existing vet practice; after all they’d seen us through some scary medical emergencies and were well acquainted with our furry suicide squad. This arrangement has the drawback of increased travel time however: 35 minutes to the regular vet in optimal...
  • Ben Narnain

    Our intrepid Beagles can now add Ben Narnain to the list of Scottish mountains they’ve conquered. In fact they can add it twice, because we went up it twice in the same week. The first ascent was done very early in the morning in the hope of reaching the summit in time for sunrise. We […]
  • Beeping Scary

    It’s funny how Beanie & Biggles get frightened by completely different things, despite having lived with us since early puppy-hood and gone through much the same socialization process. From a fear point of view Biggles is definitely our most robust Beagle. He’ll happily sound off at much larger...
  • Algae Agony

    A terrible tragedy has befallen Beanie and Biggles. Actually, since they haven’t run out of dog food, rawhide chews or dried fish pieces I suppose you could argue that it isn’t that terrible a tragedy, but it certainly is cramping their style. You see their favorite beach is out of bounds due to...
  • Beanie’s Great Balaclava Adventure

    Our Easter weekend was spent making a very early morning visit to our favorite mountain: The Cobbler, or Ben Arthur as it is also known. We never tire of it; it has everything you could want from a hillwalk if you’ve got two pesky Beagles: a safe, easy-to-follow route that is nevertheless a...
  • The Best April Fool Gag I’ve Ever Seen..

    Just got this in my email: Fetch, the new “poofume” for dogs. The video they’ve made for it is just brilliant. If this was a real product, I know one little furry girl who’d be nicking my credit card and placing an order!
  • Lost At Sea

    Whenever I get talking to an owner of a “normal” dog (ie. non-Beagle) and start telling them about all our misadventures (well a few of them, because there have been so many), they never seem to get just how naughty Beanie & Biggles are. “Yeah, my dog did that once too”. Oh really? But does […]
  • The Most Expensive Biscuits

    Around this time of year we take Beanie & Biggles on a special car ride to sample the very best dog biscuits that money can buy. These things are so special and in such high demand that there is a limit of three biscuits per furry person, at a cost of around 80. Even at […]