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Grizzly - Hound Around Town!

  • Happy 2015!

    from Grizzly - Hound Around Town!

    Tuesday January 13th, 2015 at 12:26 PM

    Square_140_img_20141017_081820785I don't know how it got to be 2015 already. One minute I was having fun at a cabin in Michigan and the next thing I know my human is dragging a dead tree out of the house! In October I went to My Sweet Adeline's cabin in Michigan with my friend, Knuckles. Our humans came too. I got to run around off leash and go in the lake and woods. I even got to chase a raccoon! Then I was on leash again. But I can't chase theraccoon when I'm on leash - take it off! My human didn't take it off. Here are...
  • You say Restoration Hardware, I say Pottery Barn

    from Grizzly - Hound Around Town!

    Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 at 09:00 AM

    Square_140_img_20140925_171938342A few weeks ago (yes, my human is so slow), we went to Pottery Barn. My human went to pick up some candles she put on hold. I went to get pets and treats. Here's a picture of me in Pottery Barn. It's blurry and I didn't get any treats. And my human didn't put anything on hold at Pottery Barn. She meant Restoration Hardware. She didn't figure that out until we were halfway home, so I didn't get to go to Restoration Hardware. I bet they would have had treats. Sigh. I give Pottery Barn 2 Paws...
  • Walking the Cat(DOG)walk for Safe Humane Chicago

    from Grizzly - Hound Around Town!

    Monday September 29th, 2014 at 01:34 PM

    Square_140_img_20140926_143739560So life is good. Summer wasless hot. I've been doing a lot of this. And some of this. My human is building a catio. Um. I'll still be able to go in the yard, right? Good. Here's a picture of me on the catio. It's not done yet. Last week I walked the catwalk at Bloomingdale's in the Doggies & Denim Fashion Show to benefit Safe Humane Chicago. Wouldn't that be adogwalk? Yeah, just try walking a cat thru Bloomingdale's. Here's a picture of me waiting for my turn on the DOGwalk. It's blurry....
  • New, new, and …..RABBIT!!

    from Grizzly - Hound Around Town!

    Tuesday July 8th, 2014 at 12:13 PM

    Square_140_img_20140617_181944401My blog did not move, but I did! Here is a picture of me at my new house. I'm in the backyard. MY yard. Mine. Mine. MINE! And it has lots of RABBITS! Big, fat, juicy rabbits! And little, warm, crunchy baby rrrrrabbits! So far I've caught one baby rabbit. And a squirrel. I could have caught more, but my human gets in the way. A lot. I also like to chase robins. I don't really care about other birds, but robins sounds like rabbits, so there. Here's another picture of me in my yard. Do I look...
  • Best. Winter. Ever!

    from Grizzly - Hound Around Town!

    Friday February 7th, 2014 at 02:48 PM

    Square_140_1618676_10202369305786284_791971321_nIt's been so long since I wrote on my blog - time flies when there's a Polar Vortex! I never heard of a Polar Vortex before, but can we have one every year? Please????? Here is a picture of me enjoying the nice cool weather in the park. Do I look happy? I am SOOOOOOO HAPPY!! And here's a picture of me walking in the backyard of my new house. So much snow!!! I'm heading to where the rabbits live! I almost caught one. Again. Then I got put on leash and taken out of the yard. Huh? It's my yard,...
  • Barn Hunt...Sort Of

    from Grizzly - Hound Around Town!

    Saturday June 8th, 2013 at 09:30 PM

    This morning my human got me up at 5am. Five. A. M. Do you know how early that is? Too damn early, that's how early. She took me for my walk at 6. Here's a picture of me on my 6am walk. 'Nuff said. Then our friends Scruffy and Yvette showed up and we all piled in the car. Hey! Why does he get to ride in the front seat!? Hmph. We drove forEVer! Where are we going? Are you dropping me off at a farm? I think I want to go home now. We didn't go home. We went to Union Grove, Wisconsin. It's like...
  • My Photo Shoot!

    from Grizzly - Hound Around Town!

    Saturday May 4th, 2013 at 06:41 PM

    Square_140_dsc_6456A few weeks ago I had a photo shoot with FurTography by Di Kulka. My human picked out her favorites for me to post on my blog. We started out in the park, but it was too hot. You think I'm chasing a ball out here? It must be 100 in the shade! My human said it was only 50 out, but I'm pretty sure it was hotter. How about I just stand here and look pretty? Here are some pictures of me in the park. I'm lying down here because I'm so hot. I don't remember what my human said, but it was hilarious!...
  • Collar and Leash Revisited!

    from Grizzly - Hound Around Town!

    Tuesday April 23rd, 2013 at 06:26 PM

    Square_140_20130406_110327The other week I went to Collarand Leash. Last time I was there I had to stand outside. We were protesting with The Puppy Mill Project because they were selling dogs from puppy mills. But now they get all their dogs from rescues so we could go inside and get treats! MMMMMMM!!! My human bought me a really good treat too! Here's a picture of me with the woman from Collarand Leashand Cari Meyers from The Puppy Mill Project. They're blurry. I'm not because I know how to pose for a picture. And...
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