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  • The Most Criminal Foods For Dogs: Avocado

    from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

    Wednesday October 1st, 2014 at 06:00 AM


    Dogs, like people, often eat things theyll later regret.Small objects and chemicalsare generally kept out of reach of dogs, but its also up to pet parents to make sure they dont leave dangerous foods within four-legged reach. In this series about the most criminal foods for dogs, well uncover why five foods avocados, chocolate, macadamia nuts, alcohol, and grapes and raisins are hazardous for pups.

    Avocados are dangerous for two reasons: a chemical it contains persin can cause discomfort,...

  • Financial Planning 101: Don’t Discount Pets

    from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

    Tuesday September 30th, 2014 at 12:58 PM


    Most people at least understand the basics of financial planning: Develop a budget and stick to it. Limit impulsive purchases. Set aside money for emergencies and retirement. Whether they act on that knowledge is a different discussion altogether.

    Image via Pleated Jeans

    But how should pets factor in to a financial plan? Nearly68 percentof American households own pets, according to the American Pet Products Association, yet the costs necessary to keep pets fed and healthy can be overlooked by...

  • Pet Powwow: National Pet Health Insurance Month Promises Economic Relief

    from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

    Monday September 29th, 2014 at 10:33 AM


    Despitehigh veterinary billsand continual visits, many pet owners would never think that pet insurance would be worth the monthly cost that is, not until they hear that pet insurance companies are reimbursing as much as $40,000 for one pets bills. SinceSeptember is National Pet Health Insurance month, the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) released information about the 10 most costly claims in 2013.

    Image via Can Stock Photo

    Through our benchmarking initiative, we know...

  • Paw Scrapes Are Awful: Here’s How to Deal With Them

    from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

    Friday September 26th, 2014 at 02:22 PM


    Pets rely on their paws to stay active and healthy. The paw pads are generally up to the challenge, but accidents such as cuts, burns, scrapes and other abrasions are bound to happen. The risk is even higher for puppies, whose paws are especially tender.

    Pet parents can follow these tips to treat paw ailments and get their pet back on all fours in no time:

    Determine the Severity

    There are many hazards that can injury a pets paw. Rough surfaces such as gravel can slice through the paw padding,...

  • Ricky Gervais, an Unabashed Cat Lover?

    from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

    Thursday September 25th, 2014 at 02:35 PM


    Ricky Gervais loves his cat and doesnt care who knows it. The British comedian has made a name for himself by not holding back when it comes to his humor and, taking one look athis social media pages, the same applies to his beloved cat, Ollie. The striking Siamese came as an unexpected gift to Gervais while on a British talk show in 2003. Without hesitation, Gervais welcomed the kitten into his home and, in one fell swoop, Ollie was well on his way to stardom.

    Now, its hard to imagine the...

  • Kids + Dogs = Comedy Show: 6 Videos

    from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

    Wednesday September 24th, 2014 at 06:00 AM

    Dogs do funny things, and kids are goofy on their own, so put the two together and you have a comical combination. Whether new parents are introducing a baby to the dog or the youngsters are trying to figure out what a dog is, the interactions betweenkids and dogsare often better than improv at a comedy club. Some just make you laugh, others are heartwarming and all of them make you say awh.

    Weve compiled some of the greatest videos of kids with their pet pals:

    Linus the Boxer likes to give...

  • Saving Seniors: How to Adopt an Older Pet

    from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

    Tuesday September 23rd, 2014 at 12:46 PM


    Most folks looking for a pet today opt for a puppy or kitten after all, theyre so damn cute. As they grow though, they tend have health issues (much like their growing human counterparts). Shockingly, a number of older pets are flooding the 3,500 animal shelters in the U.S. not because they stopped being cute or cuddly, but, more often, because they become too expensive.

    Its often an economic thing, Los Angeles-based photographer Lori Fusaro tellsToday. Ive seen people just in tears and just...

  • Pet Powwow: Is Your Puppy a Glass Half Full Kind of Pooch?

    from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

    Monday September 22nd, 2014 at 11:53 AM

    Pet parents often consider their puppys physical health, but what about the animals mental state? New research shows that dogs are inclined toward wither pessimism or optimism much like their human counterparts.

    Researchers at the University of Sydney studied 40 dogs and found that the animals had distinct outlooks, some sunnier than others. Lead researcher Melissa Starling says thatthe findingscould be significant in determining roles for service dogs.

    If we knew how optimistic or pessimistic...

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