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  • Sojos: Raw Dog Food Mix Review

    from Miley's Daily Scoop!

    Tuesday September 30th, 2014 at 06:12 AM

    Square_140_img_2982Today on the blog Bruin is reviewing Sojos Raw Dog Food Mix - Lamb Recipe. This is our first experience with raw food, gently freeze dried meat and mixes. We are used to the good ol' crunchy kibble that you just pour into a bowl, so mom was eager to mix it up with water and see what Bruin thought of it. This 2 lb bag of mix makes 10 lbs. of food! As you can see above, the ingredient list is quite impressive. As much as mom loves what's in the food and that it's made in the USA, she is just as...
  • Miley and Her Terrible, No Good, Dirty Rotten Brother

    from Miley's Daily Scoop!

    Monday September 29th, 2014 at 05:58 AM

    Square_140_img_2699 Sometimes I get angry. It doesn't happen often. But when it does, Bruin is usually at the receiving end. First, I scrunch up my nose and show him my pearly whites.. Next, I give him the ol' stink eye... Then I go for the jugular ears which turns into a whole lotta mischief ... Why, you ask? All I was doing was simply telling the tree rats to get outta my yard but Bruin had to ruin it by barking his head off over me. Which in turn got mom annoyed, which in turn gotmy windowcurtain closed. All...
  • Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats Review

    from Miley's Daily Scoop!

    Tuesday September 16th, 2014 at 03:49 AM

    Square_140_img_2956This month's review brought to you by Chewy.com is for Newman's Own Organics Peanut Butter Dog Treats. As always let's first go over the not-so-fun stuff that our humans look for when picking out treats. This is actually our first time trying Newman's Organics and mom says she is quite impressed. Here are some of the key benefits you can be happy about when choosing Newman's Own Organics: Made with natural and organic ingredients No wheat or corn Made with organic barley flour No Artificial...
  • The Mischievous Cat

    from Miley's Daily Scoop!

    Monday September 15th, 2014 at 04:03 AM

    Square_140_logoThat's our cat, Belle up on the beam. Taunting us with her mischievous climbing ability. Bruin couldn't figure out for the life of him how she got up there... and why he couldn't join her... So he asked her very "politely" to come down... Today we are joining the Monday Mischief Blog Hop, hosted by Alfie's Blog, My Brown Newfies & Snoopy's Dog Blog for hosting.
  • Last Know Search Dog of 9/11

    from Miley's Daily Scoop!

    Thursday September 11th, 2014 at 06:12 AM

    Today as we look back on the events of 9/11, the bravery and courage that were shown that day, let's not forget the search and rescue dogs that worked countless hours at Ground Zero. Here is a great story of one of the last known search dogs, Bretagne, a 15 year old golden retriever. She also happens to be one of eight finalists for the American Humane Associations annual Hero Dog Awardsthat is taking place in a couple of weeks.
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