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Empirical Lung Qi Support - Phlegm Heat - AWESOME - helps Sysco with Collapsed Trachea in Florida Discussions

from PawHealing With Herbs

Wednesday May 30th, 2012 at 09:44 PM

Square_200_syscojpeg hello my name is SYSCO I am 14 years old and thank you so much for the Chinese medicine I have a collapsed trachea for several years and my cough was nonstop we tried everything and nothing worked until we found Pawhealer (www.pawhealer.com) all the great information on your website helped us decide what to do next since all the drugs i have been taken made me sleepy and it seemed like the vets could not help me thanks to your product I am feeling much better and believe it or not I am not coughing we are so happy and my mom is from Hong Kong China and only believes in Chinese medicine I do to thank you so much PawHealer love kisses SYSCO
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