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  • What kind of exercise do cats need?

    from The Way of Cats Blog

    Monday September 15th, 2014 at 03:37 AM


    Cats and exercise can be a misleading term when we think of it as a human does. What cats need are activities.

    Most people dont give their dogs enough exercise, and they need it. When we realize dogs, in the wild, tend to trot around a great deal and break into a run many times in the course of their routines, we know why a labrador retriever can amuse themselves with a tennis ball launcher all day. As athletes go, dogs are marathon runners.

    But cats are all fast-twitch muscles. They are...

  • Giving the kitten a kitten

    from The Way of Cats Blog

    Friday September 12th, 2014 at 03:37 AM


    When I can choose a cat, (sometimes they arrive unannounced,) I always look for social skills because our new cat will be living with cat friends. And they all need to be cat friends.

    I also tell our youngest that the new kitten was gotten for them.

    He or she is, and will always be, their kitten.

    Olwyn (l) was the Nanny Cat for Tristan (r,) and now Tristan has become a Best Buddy for our Mithrandir. This cements relationships which will last even if, as with Olwyn and Tristan, they are cats who...

  • When we hurt the cat’s feelings

    from The Way of Cats Blog

    Wednesday September 10th, 2014 at 03:37 AM


    We may be bigger than our cats, but we are never too big to apologize.

    Staying cognizant, and respectful, of our cats feelings is highly important to our relationship.

    I accidentally hurt my cats feelings more often than Id like. Sometimes, I bump a nose a bit too hard, sneeze when they are on my lap, move my foot and shove them while were sleeping on the bed, and forget to give a smoothie alert when Im about to start the blender. Of course, people are clumsy or thoughtless with each other,...

  • Are cats naturally self-centered?

    from The Way of Cats Blog

    Monday September 8th, 2014 at 03:37 AM


    I hear it all the time. Cats are selfish! They only care about themselves!

    Sadly, if these people had cat encounters, those cats did seem that way.

    Because the cats were not interested in them.

    Of course, people who do know how to make friends with cats are puzzled about such complaints. This is how cat detractors, and Cat Appreciators, can have such wildly differing perspectives on the exact same cat.

    People bring out the side of the cat they anticipate.

    There have been many experiments where...

  • Why do cats have a pouncing routine?

    from The Way of Cats Blog

    Friday September 5th, 2014 at 03:37 AM


    So whats with the butt wiggle?

    Its true. Cats get all jiggy with their behind right before they pounce. But why?

    Its the same thing a dart player or golfer does lining up a shot. The big cats do a modified version by stealthily pressing their rear legs into the ground as they plan a run at their prey. Track athletes set themselves into their foot blocks before starting a race. Cats set up their hindquarters with that cute wiggle.

    They are all doing the same thing; warming up muscles and...

  • Our taste in kitties

    from The Way of Cats Blog

    Wednesday September 3rd, 2014 at 03:37 AM


    While I love all kinds of kitties, Im also the first to urge anyone to choose wisely. If we can match the potential cat to our actual personality and circumstances, we have a much greater chance of everyone being happy.

    This is why Ive devoted so much time and effort to explaining the many factors which impact our choice of cat. And why the range is so much more than many people think.

    When I had a large and rowdy household, it was Alpha cats who fit in well. In our small apartment with...

  • Cat Affection Move: The Love Blanket

    from The Way of Cats Blog

    Monday September 1st, 2014 at 03:37 AM


    We love our cat so much! But when we show it, they run away! What are we doing wrong?

    We are probably coming on too strong.

    We must remember that cats have keen senses. We are trying to show affectionate enthusiasm, but to our cat, we can be coming on too rough, too loud, or too rude. To show our cat how much we love them, we should think of our affection as a blanket.

    A good blanket is not overly assertive. It molds to the body it wants to keep warm. It is soft and yielding and it stays where...

  • Mithrandir is a giant kitten

    from The Way of Cats Blog

    Friday August 29th, 2014 at 03:37 AM


    Our delightful Mithy (who comes to the call of Mithy, Mithy, Mithrandir!) is not quite six months old. Ive known adult cats who are the size he is now.

    We have a giant kitten.

    Mind you, were fine with having a giant kitten. Hes still a kitten. He runs into the room, announcing that he must have cuddling immediately, and we exchange some. We just open our arms a little wider, thats all.

    In fact, we are as tickled as can be with our Cat Civilizations contribution to Mithys training and...

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